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Smart Expenses

Krishna Technologies Offer to Smart Expenses Software.

You don’t have so much time to calculate and remember your monthly income expense important dates meetings all type of budgeting . So have a look on the software for managing your personal, family and business budgeting in much easy way.

  • Smart Expenses manage your bank information.
  • All deposited balance information of each bank separately
  • All cash, cheque or any type of transaction withdrawal can be managed.
  • You can get reports of every deposit and withdrawal money balance.
  • Smart Expense manages your reminder of any date any important business Meetings, birthday, or any special moments.
  • So Smart Expense is complete personal and family budgeting software.
  • Software now is password protected.
  • You can make a personal note to every expense.
  • You can get the total of your all expenses just with one click.
  • Report on screen can be made, with custom data chosen for the certain period.