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AIDC (Automatic Identification Data Capture)

Krishna Technologies give solutions for Warehouse, distribution or logistics operations.

we can deliver the solutions you need to make them run smoother and more efficiently Hardware & Custmised software. Featuring hardware and Software tailored to your needs, Krishna Technologies can deliver big profits. We provide solutions of AIDC (Automatic Identification Data Capture)

Barcode Laser Scanner - LS120H

Laser Barcode Scanner 120 Scans per second

2 Meter drop test,Reads upto 95 characters

(Tested in Code 128)

USB,Rs 232 and keyboard Wedge Interface

Desktop Thermal Printer - TP230

Desktop Thermal Receipt Printer Prints upto 230mm/second

Rs 232,Parallel,USB and LAN Interface

Supports Cash Drawer

Compatible with ESC/POS command

Comes with full Auto Cutter

Desktop Barcode Printer (EZ1100Plus)

Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal 203 DPI

(8 Dots/mm)

4 IPS(102mm/S) Adjustable see-through sensor

Prints all 1D and 2D Barcodes

Rs 232,USB and Paralled Interface

Print Mechanisms Thermal Mechanisms(2")

Thermal Printing

Prints upto3"

upto2" Print Width

Comes with Auto Cutter (Option)

High Quality Print Head

Prints all 1D and PDF 417 Barcode

Prints upto3"

Mobile Data Terminals - MDT1000

UHF RFID Read and write

1D and 2D Barcode Scanning

Touch Screen (Resistive Type)

Signature Accept (Option)

GPRS based communication

Wifi,Bluetooth,USB and Rs 232 Interfaces

Universal Handheld Devices UHD1000

5 inch Touch Screen LCD

USB 2.0 External/Audio Out Port

64 keys QWERTY Keypad

Camera (back side)

Integrated Thermal Printer

Modularized Finger Print Scanner

Smart card (Contact,Contactless)

Bluetooth Mobile Printers BMP50

Thermal Printing

Speed 50 mm/s

Bluetooth,USB and RS232

Long Battery Life

Prints all 1D and

PFD 417 Barcode

Speed 50 mm/s